Miles&Go Gift

Regale millas de obsequios con Miles&Go Gift.
Porque los mejores regalos son aquellos que nos hacen volar más lejos, compre un Miles&Go Gift y regáleselo a alguien especial.

Regalar un Miles&Go Gift es sencillo

Acceda a la zona de cliente
Para comprar uno de los Miles&Go Gift disponibles, introduzca sus datos de Cliente TAP Miles&Go.
Elija el Miles&Go Gift
Hay un regalo perfecto para ofrecer: elija entre 3000, 7500, 10 000 y 15 000 millas.
Envíe un Miles&Go Gift
Para enviar el Miles&Go Gift, solo necesita la dirección de correo electrónico y el número de Cliente TAP Miles&Go del destinatario. El abono de las millas solo puede realizarse en una Cuenta TAP Miles&Go diferente de la suya.


  • The Miles&Go Gift offers are only available online, at Miles&Go Gift, and all the purchases must be carried out in Reais.
  • After purchasing the product, the transaction is not reversible and/or refundable.
  • Miles can only be purchased to credit accounts belonging to third parties. Purchasing miles for your own account is not allowed.
  • After acquiring the Miles&Go Gift, the miles will be automatically credited.
  • A maximum of 4 (four) Miles&Go Gift can be credited on one same account, for each annual qualification period (PMY).
  • Multiple Miles&Go Gift can be acquired, but only one can be purchased at a time.


Miles Credits - Conditions

  • The miles will be automatically credited after the acquisition of the Miles&Go Gift.
  • The miles can only be credited into a TAP Miles&Go account that is not the buyer’s account.
  • The miles earned with a Miles&Go Gift offer expire after an annual qualification period (PMY). This period is calculated in accordance with the annual qualification period of the account that received the voucher.
  • The miles earned with Miles&Go Gift are bonus miles and do not count for the purposes of rising status.
  • The presented clients can receive up to 4 (four) Miles&Go Gift offers within their annual qualification period (PMY).


Available Offers

  • The price stipulated for the Miles&Go Gift offers will be published at 'Buy Miles&Go Gift', at the time of acquisition, except in cases of obvious error.
  • The purchase of the voucher is carried out in Reais, according to the selected value. 
Offer's price  Offered Miles Value
Miles&Go Gift - R$ 214 3,000 miles Miles&Go Gift
Miles&Go Gift - R$ 548 7,500 miles Miles&Go Gift
Miles&Go Gift - R$ 714 10,000 miles Miles&Go Gift
Miles&Go Gift - R$ 1071 15,000 miles Miles&Go Gift

Payment Forms

  • Credit Card from VISA, Mastercard, Dinners, Elo or Hipercard networks.
  • Prompt payment and by up to 12 instalments.


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