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Discover the TAP products and our extra services. Find out about the methods of payment and how to change or cancel your trip.

Also learn more about travel insurance and upgrades, which allows you to upgrade your ticket and fly business class.

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  • TAP Products Discover all the TAP products, check out their features and choose your favourite.
  • How to choose a flight We help to point you in the direction of your dream flight. Choose the destination and travel with us.
  • Miles&Go Promo Discounts from US$10 on all journeys.
  • Upgrades 3 different ways to upgrade. Experience the feeling of flying business class with TAP.
  • Personalised assistance A TAP service that accompanies those most in need.
  • Travelling on business Choose what’s best for you and your business. Make your business travel more comfortable.
  • Group Travel Request a quote. The group must comprise at least 10 passengers and no more than 40 passengers.
  • Travel insurance Get insurance for you, your family and friends or for the equipment you are carrying. Learn more about the alternatives.
  • Seats on board Have you thought about the comfort that this option will give you?
  • Automatic notifications Complete your profile and receive information about your flight in real time.
  • Fares and Taxes Discover the TAP flight fares and taxes. See how you can get what’s best for you, before making your booking.
  • Methods of payment Choose the most convenient method of payment for you. Learn about the specific details of each method.
  • Changes and cancellations Find out how you can change or cancel your flight. View the conditions.
  • You're Top with TAP With TAP, our passenger is more and more TOP.