Galp Partner

Add advantages for being a TAP Miles & Go and Galp Customer!
Galp is the leader of the fuel sector in Portugal and has a network of over 1,200 service stations on the Iberian Peninsula.

Earn miles with Galp services

TAP and Galp are joining up to offer more benefits. Watch your miles balance grow:
  • Whenever you fill your tank at Galp fuel stations and show your Galp+ TAP digital card.
  • When you sign up for Galp electricity and/or natural gas services¹.
  • Quarterly, while your Galp electricity and/or natural gas contract remains active.
¹ Not applicable when subscribing to the Galp&Continente plan.

Find out how many miles you can earn

When you fill up at Galp.
Benefits Miles&Go Silver Gold
Miles earned for every litre 6 9
On signing up to Galp electricity and/or natural gas services and every quarter.
Benefits Miles&Go Silver Gold
Miles on signing up to electricity or natural gas contracts 2.500   5.000 8.000
Miles on signing up to electricity + natural gas contracts 5.000 10.000   16.000  
Miles every quarter with the electricity or natural gas contract 150 300 450
Miles every quarter with the electricity + natural gas contract 300 600 900

Find out how to use the Galp code

Enter the Galp code in the fields indicated in the Mundo Galp App and on the form to join the Galp Plans, activate your benefits and earn miles.

Download the Mundo Galp App and start earning miles when you fill the tank


See how to join each service step by step

Fuel: earn miles when you fill up your car.
1. Install the Galp Mundo App (available at Google Play and the App Store) and register.

2. Click "Profile" in the footer.

3. Select "My Galp Cards".
4. If you already have a TAP Miles&Go Card, click "Associate card.
5. Select and associate TAP Miles&Go Card.
6. After TP, enter the 9 digits of your TAP Miles&Go Number and click "continue".
7. If the number association is successfully made, you will receive the message "Your card has been successfully associated."
8. When paying, click “Use Card”, show the bar code of your digital card and start accumulating miles.
Electricity and natural gas: earn miles from the comfort of your home.
To join the Galp Plan, you need to:
  1. Access this online form or contact 800 200 200.
  2. Having your NIF, NIB, CPE and CUI in your possession.
  3. Enter the letters TP followed by the TAP Miles&Go Number in the "promotional code" field and click on "continue".
  4. If you already have your NIF associated with a Galp Plan, or if you have any of doubt or trouble, please dial 800 200 200.
  • Fuel:
    • Applicable upon presentation of the Galp+ TAP card in mainland Portugal, Madeira and the Azores for up to 3,000 litres/year in fuel.
    • Depending on your status, you will earn:
      • 6 miles/litre for TAP Miles&Go customers;
      • 9 miles/litre for TAP Miles&Go Silver customers;
      • 12 miles/litre for TAP Miles&Go Gold customers.

  • Electricity and natural gas:
    • Valid when signing up to the Galp plan in mainland Portugal.

  • The miles credit in the TAP Miles&Go Account will happen within a maximum period of 30 days.


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