In-flight meals - Offerings and schedules

Meals on board

Flying is just a part of the experience

New Economy Class Menu  

Over the past few years TAP has been a true ambassador for Portugal, bringing the best we do and make to the world. 

However, from October 28, 2018, we will be going even further. We are launching a new in-flight menu in economy class on medium-haul flights of up to three hours.

Fresh from Portugal
It is values such as freshness, flavor, variety, healthiness, and above all, originating from Portugal, that differentiate our menus.
The products on board are carefully chosen to turn your flight into a unique experience in which you will be transported on a journey through unique flavors representative of Portugal.
The best produce of our land flown directly from the producers to the new Economy Class menus so that you can enjoy your flight even more. Fresher, healthier, and even more Portuguese!

Got an appetite yet?

Meals in Economy Class

Indulge in meals produced using quality, tasty, and fresh products that, above all, taste of Portugal!

We are preparing meals for you that suit the time of your flight to ensure you have the best meal at the best time.

Our service includes the following types of meals

  • Hot meals - served on a tray, with a hot main dish.
  • Cold meals - served on a tray, with a cold main dish.
  • Cold snack - meal served is a packaged sandwich.
  • Snack - individual pack with a sweet or savory snack or sandwich.

Changes may be made without notice in the event of unforeseen circumstances.


Portuguese tradition dictates there is always a fine wine on the table. To offer you the best, we have a list of wines that complement the in-flight meals. Find out more.

TAP may limit or ban alcohol consumption on board. It is forbidden to bring drinks on to the aircraft (except those purchased in the airport Duty Free).

See what we have to offer and have a pleasant experience with TAP.

Europe and North Africa

Ponte Aérea and Madrid

  • Midnight-9.29am - cheese and ham croissant or brioche roll
  • 9.30am-5.59pm - Portuguese pastries. In summer, ice cream from noon to 5.59pm
  • 6pm-11.59pm – Cracker and cheese.
Madeira, Azores, Spain (except Madrid) and North Africa
  • Midnight - 11.59am – Sandwiches and Portuguese pastries.
  • Noon - 11.59pm - Cracker, wrap, and cheese.
Note: Not available on ATR aircraft.

France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Czech Republic and Hungary
  • Midnight - 12.59pm – Cheese and ham sandwich and Portuguese pastries.
  • 1pm - 11.59pm - Cracker, wrap, and cheese.
Finland, Poland, Russia, Romania, Norway, Sweden and Denmark
  • 12am – 9.29am – Hot breakfast.
  • 9.30am – 6.59pm – Lunch.
  • 7pm – 11.59pm – Dinner.



Cape Verde (Boa Vista, Praia and Sal), Senegal, Ghana and São Tomé e Príncipe

  • 12am – 9.29am – Hot breakfast.
  • 9.30am – 6.59pm – Lunch.
  • 7pm – 11.59pm – Dinner.

Cape Verde (São Vicente) and Guinea Bissau

  • 12am – 11.59pm – Cold snack.

Long haul

  • 09:30 - 14:00 - Lunch | Snack.
  • 21:00 - 09:29 - Dinner | Breakfast.
  • Later than 22:25 - Supper | Breakfast.

Find out about meal types by destination.

  Lunch/dinner Other meals
Angola Luanda lh ** Hot meal Cold meal
Cape Verde Boa Vista* Hot meal Hot meal
Praia* Hot meal Hot meal
Sal* Hot meal Hot meal
Sao Vicente* Cold snack -
Ghana Accra* Hot meal Hot meal
Morocco Casablanca* Snack -
Marrakesh* Snack -
Tanger  Snack -
Mozambique Maputo lh ** Hot meal Cold snack
Senegal Dakar* Hot meal Hot meal
Guinea Bissau Guinea Bissau*  Cold snack -
Sao Tome and Príncipe Sao Tomé Ih* Cold snack -

*Medium haul.

**Long haul.

The Americas

North America, South America, Canada and Venezuela

  • 09:30 - 14:00 - Lunch | Snack.
  • 21:00 - 09:29 - Dinner | Breakfast.
  • Later than 22:25 - Supper | Breakfast.

Find out about meal types by destination.

Lunch/dinner Other meals
Brazil Belém Hot meal Cold snack 
Belo Horizonte Hot meal Cold meal
Brasilia Hot meal Cold meal
Fortaleza Hot meal Cold snack
Natal Hot meal Cold snack
Porto Alegre Hot meal Cold meal
Recife Hot meal Cold snack
Salvador Hot meal Cold snack
Sao Paulo, Guarulhos Hot meal Cold meal
Rio de Janeiro Hot meal Cold meal
United States New York Hot meal Cold snack
Boston Hot meal Cold snack
Miami Hot meal Cold meal
Canada Toronto Hot meal  Cold snack 
Venezuela Caracas Hot meal Cold snack

Special meals

Every TAP passenger is unique and we provide special meals free of charge to meet their needs.

Please request a special meal when you make your flight reservation and at least 24 hours before departure. This service can be requested online, through our Contact Center, at a TAP office or through your travel agent.
TAP Miles&Go Clients can book through the TAP Miles&Go Service Center.

These meals are not available on domestic flights, flights to and from Morocco or European flights lasting less than four hours. On certain flights, especially those including layovers, special meals are not available, with the exception of kosher meals, which can always be ordered.

Special meals available

Long Haul
Code Meal
*AVML Hindu vegetarian meal
BBML Baby meal
*BLML Bland meal
CHML Children’s meal
****DBML Diabetic meal
FPML Fruit platter meal
****GFML Gluten-Free meal
**HNML Hindu meal
***KSML Kosher meal
LCML Low-calorie meal
LFML Low-fat meal
LSML Low-sodium meal
*MOML Muslim meal
*****NLML Lactose-free meal
SFML Seafood meal
SPML Meal with specific ingredients not covered by the above codes (food allergies)
VGML Vegan meal
VLML Lacto-ovo vegetarian meal

On intercontinental flights (Economy Class) all meals can be confirmed, except:

* flights departing from Praia do not serve AVML, BLML, HNML or MOML meals.
** flights departing from Sal do not serve HNML meals.
*** flights departing from Sao Vicente and Boa Vista only serve KSML meals.
**** flights departing from Accra do not serve DBML or GFML meals.
***** no non lactose meals (NLML) served on outgoing flights from Abidjan.

On European flights lasting 4 hours or more (in Economy Class) the following meals can be ordered: DBML, GFML, MOML, VGML, KSML, CHML, VLML and SPML.