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Portugal has the best courses for your golf swings

Portugal: Europe's Premier Golf Destination

Attracting thousands of visitors every year, Portugal stands proudly as the jewel in the crown of global golfing locations having been selected as the 'World's Best Golf Destination' for a fifth consecutive year back in November 2018.

The excellent weather all year round and a myriad of impressive golf courses help to provide unlimited golfing opportunities, while you'll also find an endless array of accommodation options thanks to a catalogue of high-quality resorts and hotels.

Portugal's differing regions boast diverse geography, and this guarantees many new and exciting experiences both on and off the course. It's a country where nature thrives, where forests sprawl over vast areas, and where dramatic cliffs and beautiful white sandy beaches illuminate miles of stunning coastline.

The cuisine is just as varied as the landscape.  Despite this, there is a strong Mediterranean influence (as you might expect) with an abundance of seafood serving as a nod to the country's maritime roots, while quality meats, cheeses and port wine are popular with locals who are always friendly and thoroughly welcoming.

When you're ready to book your next golf break, Portugal is an obvious choice as a result of its position as Europe's premier golfing destination.

Portugal Stopover

Discover two Portuguese destinations in one trip with the Portugal Stopover program. You can choose to stay in Lisbon or Porto, from 1 to 5 nights, before heading to your final destination: Funchal, Faro, Ponta Delgada, Terceira, or Porto Santo. We would like to highlight the fact that the Algarve region has been considered the 2020 golf destination.

The Portugal Stopover program includes several benefits, offered by various partners, which will enrich you experience in Portugal.

When you are ready to book your next golf vacation, Portugal is an obvious choice due to its status as Europe's leading golf destination.

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