Five things to do in Alicante

Capital of the Costa Blanca, Alicante is a historic city that smells of the sea. From tapas to turrón (almond nougat), and from sandy beaches to monuments... there is much to see in Alicante!
The secrets of Alicante Town Hall
Dating from the 18th century there are many reasons to visit Alicante Town Hall: an obscure sculpture by Salvador Dalí; the zero level from which height above sea level is measured in several Spanish towns; a copy of the Lady of Elche (a 4th century sculpture); several old paintings; and council meeting rooms that guard even more secrets... 
Try the many different kinds of turrón

If you can, then pay a visit to Jijona, about 25km from downtown Alicante. There you can visit the bakeries and museums dedicated to turrón (and discover the difference between the soft and the hard). Even in Alicante you can try this sweet nougat in its traditional form or as an ice cream. Many of the restaurants in Jijona are used to making many different dishes using sweet turrón. And the mixture of the savory with the sweet... is divine!

Discover downtown, the monuments, and museums
Take a stroll through the historic downtown and discover Alicante’s monuments and museums. The 14th century Basilica of Santa Maria, the oldest church in the city, is well worth a visit. The Concatedral de San Nicolás (dating from the early 17th century) is another place that is worth the effort while strolling through the picturesque historic downtown.
Take part in the Alicante festivals
Alicante is usually full of life, but during the festivals the city doesn’t sleep! The San Juan Bonfires in June are the most popular, with thousands of visitors filling the streets until dawn. There are others, including the very popular Holy Week and other Easter festivals. There are many reasons to visit Alicante at any time of the year!
Santa Bárbara Castle
The best place to begin your visit, it offers a panoramic view of the city and almost all of the coast. This 9th century Moorish castle watches over the city from the top of Mount Benacantil, where it used to protect the city. Free entry.
By Susana Ribeiro / Viaje Comigo

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