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4 must-see cenotes near Cancun
In addition to the magnificent beaches along the Mayan Riviera and archaeological sites such as Chichén Itza or the Cobá and Tulum ruins, it is well worth exploring the underground rivers and cenotes that dot the Mexican states of Quintana Roo and Yucatán. All these with easy access from Cancun - if you don't mind leaving the beach for a while. So here are four of the most impressive cenotes in the region - to visit preferably with friends or family.

Unforgettable places

The traditional and avant-garde Agadir

From the old Kasbah to the modern Corniche, Agadir surprises with the quality of its beaches and the diversity of its attractions.

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Mimai, Move ‘Til You Drop

They call it “The Magic City”, for a swampy land transformed into a world-class city in less than a century. Discover for yourself a place to have fun with a warm tropical touch. 

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Oujda: A hidden gem

Oujda is a city with a mercantile tradition, immersed in argan and orange blossom fragrances, and its culture and hospitality will surprise you.

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Discover Portugal

Flavours of Portugal

If there’s a test in which Portugal passes with distinction, that is precisely the one of filling the stomach and satiate the desire to eat well. Find some of the country’s typical delicacies. Would you like a bite?

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Algarve, a Summer Dream

From the turquoise blue sea to the mountains, Algarve is full of good secrets waiting to be shared in the sun.

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Route of the Historical Villages of Portugal

This large circular route of 600 km, divided by 12 typical villages, is a real dive into the history of the country, in a beautiful and imposing natural setting. Don't miss it!

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New on board

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Movement: A Journey into creative lives
Este documental narra la historia de un hombre que viaja por Portugal y descubre la diversidad del país a través de personajes únicos e inspiradores.

Hablamos con el director, Tobias Ilsanker, y el presentador/narrador, Francisco Cipriano, de este increíble documental y les preguntamos sobre las motivaciones, ideas e inspiración que se esconden detrás de este trabajo.
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Practice Portuguese
¡Ahora, cuando vuele con TAP, dirá sus primeras palabras en portugués incluso antes de aterrizar!

Rui (de Portugal) y Joel (de Canadá) le acompañan en una misión para aprender un poco de portugués europeo durante su vuelo. Aprenda varias palabras y frases útiles para mantener una conversación básica como principiante.

Hemos hablado con ellos para saber más sobre este proyecto, sus expectativas para el futuro y muchas otras cosas.
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    Do you wonder where to take the best selfie, or where to eat that delicious dish you had never heard of before? Now you can discover this and much more!
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    By bike in Copenhagen
    Know all about the route our TAP staff cycled when she visited Copenhagen.
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    Walkabout in Lisbon
    Do you want to get to know Lisbon? Read this very special article and discover the best parts of the city.
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    Menu: Toronto
    New restaurants and new flavours: our TAP employee has prepared a gastronomic guide to follow to the letter on your visit to Toronto.

    Special places you must not miss

    Croatia, an invitation you cannot decline

    Besides Zagreb there's much more to see in Croatia. Wherever you go, there is a collection of postcards that show idyllic scenery and a living history book.

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    São Miguel, where traditions mark the present

    The São Miguel island, in the Azores, is a world of offers and experiences for all. Don't miss it!

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    White sand and turquoise water?

    From December we will begin to fly to Punta Cana. You really don't want to miss this real paradise on Earth.

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    Join TAP Miles&Go and discover the programme that offers you miles, discounts and benefits. Access products and services that complete your trips, save on your flights and meet our partners.

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    The best tip for an unforgettable gift: offer a trip and choose the destination later!

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