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A new year brings new trips
After these last years, the desire to visit the world has become even greater, and being in the right place at the right time is one of the best combinations for a perfect trip.

We have 12 suggested destinations for you to be sure to enjoy the best the world has to offer... every month!

Choose well and enjoy your year!

Unforgettable places

Maceió, A true heaven on earth

With crystal-clear waters, ranging from light green to turquoise, with natural pools and golden sands and with vast green swathes of coconut palms and sugar cane farms. 

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London, a passionate city

Whether this is your first or umpteenth visit, whether it's a short weekend or a long holiday, flying to London means plunging into a destination that never disappoints visitors. Discover this melting pot's traditional and more alternative circuits.

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White sand and turquoise water?

Punta Cana is one of the best destinations for resting, ideal for those looking for a vacation of pure relaxation, on beaches with warm, clear waters, surrounded by coconut trees.

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  • Pub

  • Discover Portugal

    Route of the Historical Villages of Portugal

    This large circular route of 600 km, divided by 12 typical villages, is a real dive into the history of the country, in a beautiful and imposing natural setting. Don't miss it!

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    The Seven Hills of Lisbon

    Legend tells that Lisbon was born like Rome, between seven hills. Each one has stories to tell, and way up high, the viewpoints reveal the hidden corners of the city.

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    Serra da Estrela

    It is the highest point in Continental Portugal and one of the favorite places for ski lovers. If there is a destination in Portugal capable of pleasing all tastes, that is surely Serra da Estrela.

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    On board

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    Movement: A Journey into creative lives
    This documentary tells the story of a man who travels through Portugal and discovers the country's diversity through unique and inspiring characters.

    We spoke with the director - Tobias Ilsanker - and the host/narrator - Francisco Cipriano - of this incredible documentary and asked them about the motivations, ideas and inspiration behind this work.
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    Practice Portuguese
    Now when you fly TAP, you'll be speaking your first Portuguese words before you even land!

    Rui (from Portugal) and Joel (from Canada) send you on a mission to learn a litlle bit of European Portuguese during your flight! Get to know some words and useful phrases for getting through a basic conversation as a beginner.

    We talked to them to find out more about this project, their expectations for the future, and many other things.

    The best tips for your trip

    Do you wonder where to take the best selfie, or where to eat that delicious dish you had never heard of before? Now you can discover this and much more!
    To help you discover our destinations, there is nothing better than asking for help from those who travel with us every day and turn your dream trips into reality: TAP's staff!
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    Menu: Toronto
    New restaurants and new flavours: our TAP employee has prepared a gastronomic guide to follow to the letter on your visit to Toronto.
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    By bike in Copenhagen
    Know all about the route our TAP staff cycled when she visited Copenhagen.
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    Walkabout in Lisbon
    Do you want to get to know Lisbon? Read this very special article and discover the best parts of the city.

    Special places you must not miss

    Berlin, Larger than Life

    Modern and stimulating, the capital of Germany is the ideal place for those looking for tranquility, excitement, culture and history.

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    Cancún, a place to go as a couple, with friends or with family.

    The intense blue of the sea and the contrasting white of the sand, make the beaches of Cancún authentic postcard scenery, with the hotel zone, where most of the hotels are located, famous for being shaped like the number 7. 

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    Tel Aviv, good vibes

    This is the cosmopolitan, young middle east. Israel’s second largest city is a hotspot of urban culture, cutting-edge cuisine, electronic music and art. It is an unforgettable city.

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    Discover what we have on offer

    TAP Store

    Look round the store where you can buy TAP souvenirs. From collectible models to fashion items.

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    TAP Gift Cards

    The best tip for an unforgettable gift: offer a trip and choose the destination later!

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    TAP Miles&Go

    Join TAP Miles&Go and discover the programme that offers you miles, discounts and benefits. Access products and services that complete your trips, save on your flights and meet our partners.

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