Panoramic photo of Lisbon with the Tagus River and the city in the background, and 25 de Abril Bridge on the left. To the right, overlapping the photo, Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa is holding a grouper in a vertical position, with both hands in front of him and the grouper covering the lower part of his face.
Local Stars Project

Local ingredients are the stars

From March 2023 to April 2025, enjoy our new Executive Class menus, created by local Chefs.

The best Portuguese cuisine, region by region

The TAP Local Stars Project, a partnership with The Art of Tasting Portugal, aims to bring the best Portuguese cuisine to the whole world. But there's more. It also aims to give our passengers the chance to taste the star ingredients of each Portuguese region.

The Art of Tasting Portugal is a platform that aims to promote Portuguese cuisine by mapping the country's food traditions and offering experiences focused on Portugal's gastronomy. It brings together the best ingredients while respecting their seasonality, worked on by Portugal's best chefs in a sustainable manner, so that you will fondly remember this country that so cherishes its gastronomic heritage.

For the TAP Local Stars project, we invited twelve Chefs - all of them famous in Portugal and steeped in local traditions - to prepare twelve menus using traditional ingredients from each region of the country, including a star product.

12 Chefs, 12 special menus

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March and April
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Grouper by:
Henrique Sá Pessoa
In March and April, Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa will present Grouper as the main ingredient of the menu he created using the best flavors from the Lisbon area.

Inspired by Lisbon's Atlantic breeze and his own experience as a Lisboner, Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa created a menu that invites you to discover an unusual and irreverent combination of flavors. At the end of this flavor trip, you will fall in love with Grouper.
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Over the next few months, we will reveal the other eleven menus created by the best Chefs using regional ingredients.

Discover the local ingredients chosen by the Chefs

The star of the March and April Menu is Grouper

This fish, known for its mild flavor and very common on the coast of Lisbon, is one of Portugal's best-loved dishes and part and parcel of Lisbon's regional cuisine.

And now, thanks to the imagination and talent of Lisbon-born two-Michelin-starred Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa, it is set to fly around the world and delight our Executive Class passengers on long-haul flights.
Photograph of a white plate with grilled grouper with shrimp stew and sweet potato.

Main Course

Roast Grouper with shrimp and sweet potato stew

Ingredients for the roast Grouper:

120g clean Grouper loin
30ml olive oil
5g laminated garlic
2g coriander stalks
2g lemon thyme
Brine to taste

- Soak the Grouper fillet in a liquid brine (100g salt for each 1litro of water, 10%) for about 20 minutes. Remove and set aside.
- After seasoning with all the other ingredients, roast at 160°C for about 10/12min.

Ingredients for the shrimp and sweet potato stew:

30g chopped onion
5g minced garlic
5g ginger
1 chili pepper
30ml white wine
60g Aljezur sweet potato, diced
30g red pepper
30g yellow pepper
30g chopped tomatoes
20g tomato pulp
60g peeled shrimps, diced
250ml shrimp stock
2g chopped coriander
30ml olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

- Stir fry the onion, garlic and ginger in olive oil. Add the peppers and stir fry for 8-10min.
- Refresh with white wine and add the tomato pulp, shrimp stock, and diced sweet potato. Cook over low heat for 10 minutes.
- Add the diced shrimp and coriander, adjust the seasoning, and cook for 3-4 minutes.
- Serve as fish bed.

Watch the video and learn more about the dish that you will be able to see - and taste - on board!

Discover the other dishes in this Menu:

Photograph of a white plate with an octopus salad.
Octopus salad
Photograph of a white plate with a pear and a cinnamon & chocolate brownie.
Pear, Cinnamon and Chocolate Brownie
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