Change your booking

You can change your booking here free of charge in the event your flight has been affected. You can only do this with electronic tickets issued by TAP within the same booking class – Economy or Executive – and depending on flight availability.

Open “Manage Booking” and manage your booking directly.
Just enter your details (Booking Number and surname).

To do so you must use your desktop computer (this feature does not work on the mobile version).

Rules applicable for this direct management without additional costs:

  1. You must hold a TAP electronic ticket and your booking must have been made at least 24 hours ago.
  2. Your original trip must have been scheduled to take place on at least one of the days on which these events are scheduled to take place.
  3. To change your booking free of charge, you must change your trip to the dates of departure and return identified by TAP.
  4. You must travel to and from the same destinations (you may not change your route).

You cannot Directly Manage your booking if:

  1. You have a Lisbon-Porto and/or Porto-Lisbon (Ponte Aérea shuttle) trip and want to change it to the same day of travel;
  2. You have one of the following auxiliary services associated:
    Unaccompanied minors
    Sports equipment
    Extra baggage
    Animals transported in the cabin or hold
    Medical cases
    Transportation of weapons
    Paid seat reservation
    Lounge Access
    Fast Track

  3. You have already checked-in;
  4. Your ticket was purchased with miles;
  5. It is part of a group booking;
  6. You acquired a booking with a Stopover product
  7. Has made a booking at a travel agent
  8. Some segments of your booking have not been confirmed
In these situations, we would ask that you contact TAP Air Portugal..