Other reservations

Your trip doesn’t end with the flight. Check out what else you can book.

What if you could add a hotel, tours and activities to your reservation? 
Here you can find a range of other bookings you can add to your flight reservation. Travel with everything organized right from the start.

Organize your trip

Here you can rent a car, book  a hotel where you want to stay and even book activities you plan to do when you get there.
  • Car Rent a car before you reach your destination, inside or outside the country.
  • Accommodation Choose your hotel with us and get special rates. A TAP and Booking.com partnership.
  • Tours and Activities Plan your trip to get the most out of your stay. 
  • Transfers Choose between a private or executive transfer, with 24-hour a day, 7-day a week customer support.
  • Airport Parking Drive to the airport in your own car and leave it in a Car Park. It will be safe until you get back.
  • Rail & Fly Trains go hand-in-hand with TAP. Take advantage of these benefits. 
  • Royal Caribbean TAP takes you to your dream cruise.
  • Conventions Discover our special offers and benefits for your convention abroad.
  • Nannybag Leave your bags and discover the city.
  • Round the world trip Take a trip round the world.
  • Charter flights Benefit from a more personalized flight by booking charter flights! Discover the service and make a request for pricing.