Romantic Destinations

Celebrate love with a trip for two and enjoy a few days of leisure in these romantic destinations. 

The longing to travel intersects with the eagerness to find moments of relaxation with your better-half, because a trip for two is always a way to strengthen relationships and create unique memories.

Whether you're diving in the crystal clear waters of São Tomé, walking in Covent Garden, London, or sharing pasta in Rome, romantic trips don't have a date to happen, as every moment is great for a couple's getaway. Economic flights, idyllic destinations, itineraries that can be planed for the most gastronomic traveler or the most romantic traveler, for honeymoons or just to relax for a few days outside the country. The options are many. Get to know our suggestions.


European destinations to celebrate love

Rome is considered by many the city of love. A grand destination, filled with fountains meant to bring fortune and good luck, fantastic museums and monuments, but also illuminated and appetizing culinary nooks. It is always a good bet for economic trips, but is also charming and able to create good memories.

In Paris, you can enjoy the long afternoons on the typically French terraces, facing the streets, and maybe toast with a beautiful glass of champagne and a dozen oysters in the stops between the classic visits to the Louvre museum, the Marais or Champs-Élysées. If you prefer a little more action, fiesta or something more caliente, we suggest you opt for our "next-door neighbors" as Seville is also one of the romantic destinations. We are sure that it will be the ideal destination to spice up your relationship.

And London? In constant metamorphosis, the city never disappoints and novelties will be abound in this cosmopolitan city. It is the ideal destination for bold couples, who like to discover and be aware of new trends. Beside the British capital we have also other romantic destinations as Vienna in Austria, Naples and Venice, in Italy.

Venice is a true postcard city, full of bridges and gondolas that embody the magic of Italian destinations. A scenario that in itself already inspires romanticism.

For fans of the writer Elena Ferrante - is there a bigger contemporary writer who writes about love? - the destination is Naples. Charming city for its raw decadence, for the bustle of the streets that extends to the interior of the restaurants and conquers the most elusive lovers, this is the perfect getaway for two. Finally, Vienna, the city of operas, which promises to thrill even those who are not romantic with its imposing monuments and the streets of stunning architecture.

On holiday in paradise

We could not miss out on some more exotic romantic destinations. We chose Cabo Verde - Praia, in Santiago, and the islands of Sal and Boavista which are as paradisaical as they look.

There is also São Tomé and Príncipe, the perfect place to relax and rest from the European bustle. If traveling to an island is already synonymous with excitement, imagine how romantic it will be to travel as a couple to these warm and beautiful destinations. What are you waiting for?

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