Milan, a capital of the world, in the heart of Europe

Fashion capital, financial capital, and industrial capital are some of the "stamps" by which Milan is recognized in Europe. One of the great economic engines of Europe, it is just not the political capital of Italy, a place reserved for the also unmissable city of Rome, although it is the second largest city in the country in population.

Located in the north, closer to the center of Europe and the Alps than to the Mediterranean, Milan brings together traditions as Italian as good food and hospitality with the economic, creative drive of a truly cosmopolitan city. 

On holiday or business, with family, as a couple or even alone, for one or two days, a week or longer seasons, this capital of the world, with daily TAP flights from Lisbon, is a must-see destination in Europe.


Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Moreover, and because much of the experience of traveling is the discovery, we invite you to explore the streets and canals of Milan, to enter churches, museums, and shops, to walk around and to find places to rest, always looking around and registering everything - through pictures or memory - the most unforgettable moments of your trip.

Milanese Hospitality

At the end of a working day in Milan, you will see the bars of the city filled with locals, who come together after a day of work to a well-deserved gathering, seasoned with the best hospitality. When you join this movement, you will see that you will hardly find a place where, when ordering a drink, it is not accompanied by delicious delicacies. This "appetizer" why Milan is so famous for is part of the local culture and is increasingly associated with creative and cultural movements or, simply, with relaxed and convivial moments. Therefore, it should be part of any visitor's bucket list, who will thus have the opportunity to live authentic experiences and be part of the life of this vibrant city.

End of a working day in Milan

Ancient Culture, Modern Culture, Popular Culture

Like any major European center - otherwise Europe would not be called the "Old Continent" - Milan also exists in a magnificent balance between History and Modernity.

Here we do not only speak of Art, although its existence should be highlighted, in the same city, of the Duomo and of classical and Renaissance works, and of modern icons as the Fondazione Prada, dedicated to contemporary art, or Armani Silos, dedicated to fashion.

But culture is even more than all this, and football - an important cultural expression, particularly in Europe - is also one of the great cultural symbols of the city, which is home to two of the most well-known clubs in the world: AC Milan and Inter Milan. The football loving crowds are part of the cities and, therefore, if you like football and have the opportunity, why not be part of this movement?

Anyway, Milan deserves an exclusive visit - there is a lot to do and to visit - but it can also be part of a larger itinerary, for those who travel with time. Compare different cities such as Milan, Rome, Naples, or Florence, or enjoy the proximity to visit Geneva or Lyon. Old Continent or not, Europe always has new things for you to discover. 
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