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White sand and turquoise water? Now you can have it!

From December we will begin to fly to Punta Cana, Where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea is Punta Cana. You really don't want to miss this real paradise on Earth.

Punta Cana is one of the best destinations for resting, ideal for those looking for a vacation of pure relaxation, on beaches with warm, clear waters, surrounded by coconut trees.

Don't waste any more time and book now your well-deserved holiday in a very special place!
Natal: sun, beach and fun 

Founded by the Portuguese on Christmas Day in 1599, the city is known for its endless days of sun, idyllic beaches, forró and good cuisine.

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5 places not to miss in Toronto

There is no shortage of iconic places to explore – either on your own or with friends or family. We suggest five things you must see when you’re in Toronto.

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Washington, D.C.: direct dive into History

The famous White House and the iconic Capitol are just two of the must-see places in the US capital, a beautiful and open-air museum city.

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  • Discover Portugal

    Fatima and its Mysteries

    Fatima and its surroundings have beautiful secrets to keep. From the mysteries of faith to some historical and natural enigmas, take note of the places that you should discover with calm and love.

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    Madeira on the move

    Pure, inspiring, introspective, this is a paradise in the middle of the atlantic. The archipelago offers idyllic scenery, from the laurissilva forest to beaches and pools.

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    Route of the Historical Villages of Portugal

    This large circular route of 600 km, divided by 12 typical villages, is a real dive into the history of the country, in a beautiful and imposing natural setting. Don't miss it!

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    On board

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    Movement: A Journey into creative lives
    Этот документальный фильм рассказывает историю человека, путешествующего по Португалии и открывающего разнообразие страны, знакомясь с уникальными и вдохновляющими личностями.

    Мы поговорили с режиссером - Тобиасом Ильсанкер - и ведущим / рассказчиком - Франсиско Чиприано - этого невероятного документального фильма и спросили их о мотивах, идеях и вдохновении, лежащих в основе этой работы.
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    Калани: Дар с небес
    «Калани плавает в тех местах океана, где даже рыба боится это делать», - так Гарретт Макнамара описывает главного героя этого документального фильма, Калани Латтанци, бодисерфера из Бразилии, родившегося на Гавайях, который смело встречает самые большие волны в мире, используя только своё тело и пару плавников.

    Мы поговорили с Нуно Диасом, который нам рассказал, почему он решил снять фильм о Калани. Не пропустите!

    The best tips for your trip

    Do you wonder where to take the best selfie, or where to eat that delicious dish you had never heard of before? Now you can discover this and much more!
    To help you discover our destinations, there is nothing better than asking for help from those who travel with us every day and turn your dream trips into reality: TAP's staff!
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    Menu: Toronto
    New restaurants and new flavours: our TAP employee has prepared a gastronomic guide to follow to the letter on your visit to Toronto.
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    By bike in Copenhagen
    Know all about the route our TAP staff cycled when she visited Copenhagen.
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    Walkabout in Lisbon
    Do you want to get to know Lisbon? Read this very special article and discover the best parts of the city.
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  • Special places you must not miss

    Maceió, A true heaven on earth

    With crystal-clear waters, ranging from light green to turquoise, with natural pools and golden sands and with vast green swathes of coconut palms and sugar cane farms. 

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    Norway. Is This Country Real?

    Visiting Norway is to demystify the low profile apparently cultivated by Scandinavia’s most northern country. Natural beauty reigns here like in no other place in the world.

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    Travelling solo in Israel

    There is an image of Israel... that all its tourism is religious. No. Not all of it is! This is a destination for all tastes.

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