Redeem your miles for flight extras

Your miles are worth more than you think

With Miles4Extras you can use your miles to book hold baggage, book transportation for your pet, book an airplane seat, and purchase many other extras.

This perk is available for tickets purchased with miles or money, and you can add the extras when or after booking your flight.

See how to add extras with miles after booking

Access your reservation
Log in to and select the reservation to which you want to add extras.
See the available extras
Under your reservation details, you will find all the information about the services that are included and the extras you can add.
Choose the extra(s)
Click to add the desired extra to your reservation.
Select payment with miles
Once you confirm that you would like to add an extra to your reservation, you can select the option of paying that extra with miles.
Confirm purchase
After purchasing an extra with miles, you will see the confirmation in your reservation details.


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From 11,000 miles
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Use your miles to upgrade your trip to Business Class.
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From 2,500 miles
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Seat booking
You can use your miles to book the seat where you want to sit during the trip.
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From 6,000 miles
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Hold bag
Add a baggage item weighing up to 23 kg / 50 lbs and measuring up to 158 cm / 62 in, and travel with everything you need.

Extras and Upgrades with miles

Иллюстрация в оттенках зеленого и красного с дорожным чемоданом на колесах. В правом верхнем углу наложена круглый красный штамп с белым символом плюса.
Hold bag

Add a baggage item weighing up to 23 kg / 50 lbs and measuring up to 158 cm / 62 in.

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Иллюстрация, включающая в себя зеленую и красную доски для серфинга.
Sports equipment

Skiing, golfing, cycling... whatever the sport, you can bring your sports equipment on TAP planes in exchange for a few miles.

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Musical instruments

Bring the music with you! You can also use your miles to carry musical instruments on TAP planes.

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Зеленая иллюстрация переноски для домашнего животного.

Your best friend doesn't have to stay at home! Redeem your miles to transport your pet on our planes.

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You can use your miles to access more than 60 airport lounges worldwide.

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Иллюстрация в оттенках зеленого и красного, состоящая из центрального элемента: информационного щита с иконографией о вылетах  из аэропорта. В правом верхнем углу находится красная печать с нарисованными на ней двумя белыми стрелками, намекающие на приоритетную регистрацию.
Fast track

Redeem your miles for Fast Track services and enjoy priority access to security checks and X-ray procedures.

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Иллюстрация, изображающая зеленый экран компьютера на белом фоне. На экране показан самолет TAP, пролетающий над двумя красными значками геолокации, с дугообразной пунктирной линией, соединяющей две точки. В правом верхнем углу экрана изображена красная печать с двумя белыми стрелками, указывающая на приоритет при прохождении регистрации.
Preferential Boarding

This service allows you to board the plane via the Premium Area, giving you more time to settle on board with your cabin bag.

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Seat booking

You can use your miles to choose and book your favorite seat for your trip.

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Иллюстрация с зеленым сиденьем самолета и изголовьем красного сиденья. На сиденье, в правом верхнем углу, находится красная печать с белой стрелкой, направленной внутрь ее.

Use your miles to upgrade your trip and experience all the amenities Business Class has to offer.

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  • Valid only for TAP Miles&Go Customers;
  • Not available for in-person sales (airports);
  • These services are available only on flights operated by TAP or operated on its behalf and TAP Express;
  • Miles are non-refundable;
  • Subject to availability;
  • Product not available for group bookings.

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