TAP Miles&Go Silver

Silver status takes your benefits even further.

Benefits of TAP Miles&Go Silver

View all the benefits that the Silver card provides, in the air and on the ground.
  • All the benefits of the TAP Miles&Go Status

    All the benefits you had with the TAP Miles&Go Status remain unchanged.
  • 25% extra miles

    Earn 25% more miles more than the distance travelled. Only on TAP flights.
  • Иллюстрация, изображающая зеленый экран компьютера на белом фоне. На экране показан самолет TAP, пролетающий над двумя красными значками геолокации, с дугообразной пунктирной линией, соединяющей две точки. В правом верхнем углу экрана изображена красная печать с двумя белыми стрелками, указывающая на приоритет при прохождении регистрации.

    Priority check-in

    Don’t waste time, enjoy priority check-in! Valid for all flights operated by TAP except for the Discount product.
  • Reserve seat

    Book your seat on flights operated by TAP! Available for Standard seats only.
  • Newspapers and magazines

    Read more! Silver Clients can download up to 3 publications from the Digital Kiosk.
  • Exclusive Service

    Access exclusive telephone numbers and TAP desks.
  • Lounge access

    Relax while you wait for your flight. Check the lounges available
  • Fast Track and Priority boarding

    Faster boarding when travelling on flights operated by TAP. Fast Track is the fastest route at the security control.

How to become a Silver Client

You just have to fly! Earn status miles and get all the benefits.

Your status is always evaluated one year after the date of joining the TAP Miles&Go Programme.
Become a Silver Client
You need to have earned 30000 Status Miles
Have flown 25 flights or legs with TAP
To remain a Silver Client
You need to have earned 20000 Status TAP Miles&Go
Have flown 15 flights or legs with TAP
Convertible Bonus Miles to reach the status Convertible Bonus Miles to maintain the status
10.000 Bonus Miles >  5.000 Status Miles 10.000 Bonus Miles >  5.000 Status Miles


TAP Miles&Go Gold

Discover the status with the most benefits of the TAP Miles&Go Programme.